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Follow Up Messages That Work

Following up with a customer is not about breaking into their busy schedule, it’s about maintaining a relationship, and you just can’t do that by asking planners to talk about bringing a meeting to your destination all the time.

A customer once said, “Call me for a good reason. You wanting to talk to me is not a good reason.”

So what is a good reason?

A good reason to proactively reach out to a customer is providing them with information that they need to know at the right time.

So try this, right now:

DMAI’s empowerMINT team is hosting a free webinar this Thursday at 1:00 PM EDT on how DMO sales professionals are a great resource to help meeting planners incorporate green meeting practices into their events.

  1. Copy the registration link:
  2. Paste it into a follow-up email message to a planner who you know would be interested.
  3. Send it with a note like, “I saw this webinar and thought you would find it useful.”

By sharing information that helps meeting planners succeed or addresses an immediate need in your follow up messages, you are less of a walking, talking advertisement for your destination – a distraction to be avoided or ignored – and more of a true and valued business partner to whom meeting planners will be glad to respond back.

For more resources that you can share with meeting planners in your follow up messages, visit the empowerMINT blog.



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