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This Does Not Bode Well

DalAs Destination Marketing Organizations come under attack, we hear a lot of the same, tired, unsophisticated tripe. Loose ROI, visitors will come regardless, we need the money for police and know the drill.

The conversation coming from Dallas government officials is significantly more pointed. To the sophisticated, understanding that suburban attractions can make an urban destination more magnetic is a no brainer. That a DMO would include such cool new attractions as the Toyota Music Factory in Irving or the Dallas Cowboys' Training Camp in Frisco has made at least one City Council member apoplectic: “VisitDallas wasn’t put in place to promote a region,” he said. “It was put in place to promote the city of Dallas. It’s time you realized who your boss is. Your boss is the city of Dallas.”

Wow...just wow.

But, that is where the conversation is going in this country. It's the easy path for those that intend to curry favor with those that feel left behind. 

We need to respond with the reality of the importance of collaborative regional marketing.

Because, let's be clear...I have no interest in visiting Dallas. Been there, done that. But, I love the experiences I have at the Music Factory and Cowboys HQ. And, I might just stay in a Dallas hotel to experience it all. As will a lot of potential visitors.

Just sayin'

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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