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The Future of DMOs
Bill Geist's rebuttal during the DMAI15 Great Debates to the proposition that Destination Marketing Organizations would be extinct in 2025.
The Importance of Tourism

Bill Geist explains how Tourism enables Economic Development professionals to more effectively sell their destinations.

What is a Tourist Worth?

Bill Geist makes the point that Visitors are a vital component of any community's economy.

DMOs are Forfeiting the Night

Being the total content curator of the night is a huge opportunity that many DMOs are missing.

Embracing Retro as a Magnet
Bill Geist recounts his experience at the retro-inspired Starlux Hotel in Wildwood NJ.
The Invisible Industry

Visitors can be fairly invisible when their in your town…sometimes.

The Importance of Selfies

Selfies and Testimonials are the drivers of attraction.

Tourism's Impact on Taxes

The Visitor Economy's impact on Property Taxes are greater than most believe.

Access: the Key to Great Packages

Packages shouldn't be about discounting; they should be about access to rare experiences. 

Branding for Tourism
Cathedral Thinking

Rick Antonson describes the importance of "Cathedral Thinking" for destinations.

If You Build a Place...

Maura Gast's now famous riff on the impact of Tourism and DMOs at DMAI's 2008 Convention. 

Tourism Means Jobs

President Obama proclaiming that America is "Open for (Tourism) Business."

Built by Steel, Changed by Tourism

Spero Batistatos recounts the evolution and impact of South Shore Tourism.

Tourism in Lake Havasu City

Residents and business owners talk about the impact of Visitors on Lake Havasu City.

Share Your Washington

A campaign encouraging residents to each invite one visitor…and create 20,000 jobs.

The Importance of DMO Funding

Longwood International's Bill Siegel retells the Colorado experience. 

Missouri Tourism Matters

Missouri business leaders talk about the importance of Tourism.

Tourism Pays for Kentucky

The Kentucky version of the explanatory video first created by Colorado.

I am Tourism

Business people and residents of Fort Collins CO explain the importance of Tourism.