Too many people fear the expansion of the Visitor Economy in their community will somehow result in a decline of the Quality of Life they have come to enjoy. In his presentations across North America, Bill Geist makes it abundantly clear that destinations should not be built for visitors.


DMOproz is Zeitgeist Consulting Inc...and a resource for Destination Marketing Organization Professionals everywhere. Since 1995, we have provided cutting-edge Consulting and Speaking services to the Tourism and Hospitality Industry with a focus on Destination Marketing and Management Organizations across North America.



Our work covers the breadth of disciplines required for today’s Destination Marketing and Management Organization to thrive on behalf of their communities. From Strategic Planning to Destination and Organizational Assessments and Consumer Research to Governance and Funding, we are dedicated to enhancing the art and science of Destination Marketing.




For more than 20 years, Bill Geist has been pushing the envelope, challenging the status quo and calling out sacred cows and buffoons in the process. He also is quick to praise the truly innovative people, processes and projects he sees. The monthly Z-News serves as the platform for his rants…as well as providing links to the top Destination Marketing news stories of the past month.

"Required reading for all DMOs." - Brad Dean / the Puerto Rico DMO



In a world that no longer reads (much), video is increasingly how we communicate. And, while you might think your latest commercial or long-form video rocks, chances are fairly high that at least a few scenes will leave viewers flat. DMOvizion ensures that your imagery and messaging resonate with the demographic and psychographic targets you covet.




While there are lots of books out there about non-profit organizational governance, there is only one book that has been written specifically for the Destination Marketing Industry. Destination Leadership has been hailed by industry leaders as a “must read” for DMO CEOs and Boards...and community leaders who want to understand the power of the Visitor Economy.


Bill's BLOG

While Bill Geist challenges the status quo through his monthly Z-News Commentary, life is more than just Destination Marketing. In his (almost) daily blog posts, Bill’s thoughts run the gamut from Marketing to Politics and Management to Customer Service. And, each and every Friday, he closes out the work week by featuring new, classic and/or forgotten music.